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Personal Training is a Scam
Did you know that some personal training certifications require only the successful completion of a take-home exam, where all the resources necessary to answer the questions are readily available to the test taker?

Experts or Salespeople?
The fitness industry has become saturated with opportunistic salespeople. Real expertise or general regard for clients’ goals, needs, and safety has fallen to the wayside, replaced by empty promises and vague assurances of results. The word “results” has lost its meaning in the fitness industry. Promises of results are meaningless without accountability, and results themselves are meaningless unless the client can define the results they wish to achieve. With Maximum Performance, you establish your goals. You define what results you want to achieve. We guarantee the achievement of those results, regardless of your goals.

Anyone with an objective to improve their health, athleticism, physique, etc., is driven by results. With Maximum Performance, our own measurement of success is no different. Salespeople deliver promises. Experts deliver results. Here are testimonials from Maximum Performance clients.


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• You Control OUR Destiny
Your success is critical to our success as a business. As walking billboards for the services we provide, the attainment of your goals is fundamental for Maximum Performance to succeed as a business. We therefore have just as much of a vested interest in your achievement of your goals as you. Our relationships with clients are symbiotic; if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. That in itself is a guarantee.

• You Control YOUR Destiny
When weighing the costs and benefits of attaining the services of a qualified fitness professional, consider our services not as just another expense, but rather, an investment in your future, as well as your family’s future. Your health and physical well-being cannot take a back seat to the daily stresses of one’s responsibilities; without a healthy and active lifestyle, those daily responsibilities will soon seem unimportant as significant health issues arise that could’ve been prevented. Invest in your health. Invest in your future. Can you really afford not to?



"Allen is knowledgeable in not only strength training techniques, but in nutrition and health and wellness generally. I highly recommend Allen's services."
  -Dan Rose